Our Ethical Values

Honesty, Righteousness, Respect, Trust, Responsibility, Privacy, Moral Values ​​are our major ethical values.

– DIGIPAN is a company which has been devoloping step by step, without disappointing its customers and by standing on its ethical dignity.

– The basis of our quality policy is to protect and develop ethical values.

–  Complying with the ethical values is not a commercial responsibility for us; it’s a moral duty.

– Ethical values ​​are both our commercial responsibility and honor.

– Understanding, practicing and spreading the ethical values is the most important heritage that we can hand down the next generations.

– As DIGIPAN family, we aim to avoid conflict of interest.

– We work with a pro-active approach that responds to the needs and demands of our customers as soon as possible and in the most proper way. We focus on customer satisfaction.

– As expected, we treat person and institutions that we work together with fairness and respect; we pay extra attention to fulfill our responsibilities on time.

– We actively compete only in legal and ethical areas, and we avoid unfair competition.

– We share our knowledge and impressions eagerly and sincerely without distorting the facts. We are always reliable and honest